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Here is a new version of Freecell Solitaire game in which all hands are matching!

Russian name «Soliter»is a calque from English word solitaire, that is, patience. Predecessors of Solitaire (or Freecell Solitaire) are Eight Off patience and Forty Thieves Solitaire (or Napoleon at St. Helena).


Objective of the game is to release four aces and place cards in ascending order in four cells of the house corresponding to four suits: two onto ace, three onto two and so on. By that Solitaire resembles Klondike. At the top right is the «house» – four stacks whereto the player puts aces and the rest of cards in order to win. To the left of the house – four more free cells, that is space for four cards.

How it is possible to move cards in Solitaire:

  • It is possible to shift upper card from the column or free cell into another column onto a senior card of a different color (black two onto red three and so on);
  • Card may be placed onto one of free cells to the left of the house; only one card can be put in one cell;
  • Any card may be placed in an empty column, with no limitations. Cards are placed on top of it according to general rules, i.e. with alternating colors and according to seniority;
  • Cards may be shifted to the house starting from the ace and ending with the king, of the same suit and in the ascending order (two onto ace, three onto two and so on, until four stacks are formed).

If the player needs to shift a stack of cards in the process of game, it may be done so only if enough amount of free cells or empty columns is available. For example, to shift a stack of two cards, at least one free cell or one empty column should be available.

Description of the program

You can play as a regular user or a registered user. The registered users retain the entire game history with an option to return to any previous game and continue any take, have an option to bookmark the best hand, leave a commentary, participate in a competition with other players and send personal messages to other registered users.

To register, you simply need to enter a name (at least 3 characters) and a password (not less than 5 characters). Is such a name is already registered in the game, you will have to enter another one.

The game is saved automatically upon exiting. When logging in the next time, you will find yourself in the same state you were in when you last left.

Upper button panel

Upper button panel

undo, redo - (including left arrow key and right arrow key on the keyboard) allow you to move forward or backward at your discretion, up until the beginning of game.

New game - starts a new game. By pressing "new game" button repeatedly you can browse the games and select the hand you prefer. By using up arrow and down arrow keys you can move through the offered layouts. Only the hands you started to play will enter your game history (i.d. you made at least one move).

start anew - begin a new take.

automove - automatically completes all the moves by sending cards from the playing area and from the bank to the house.

possible moves - – highlights the cards which may be moved in yellow. This does not mean that the move is obligatory; it is for you to decide. The right way would be not to make all the moves randomly, but to use a certain strategy. You can skip this mode by pressing the “possible moves” button once again.

Playing board info

Playing board info

A list of your attempts is indicated above, with an option to return to any one of them. The large number indicates the number of your current take. Red colored number indicates the number of hands which you have solved. To go to another attempt, press on the relevant number. When returning to unsolved hands you shall see the previous positioning of the cards. When you go to solved hands, you will be able to see how you had made your moves by scrolling «redo» and «undo» buttons.

You shall find hand info below the attempts list:

  • Hand number (999);
  • Hand rating (rating 1:38) — average time spent by all players to solve this hand, the number of players who solved the hand out of the number of the players who attempted to solve it;
  • Current time of the latest attempt (time 2:41). If you haven’t made a single move during 15 seconds (e.g. you got distracted from the game), time freezes. The frozen time is highlighted in blue. Any move made afterwards resumes the time count;
  • Total time spent on all attempts (total time 4:30).

Green dot means you have Internet connection, red dot means you are disconnected. You can still finish the hand while disconnected, but it will not be saved in your history, and you will not participate in the rating unless the connection restores while you are playing.

Lower button panel

Lower button panel

Parameters refers to setting an order (playing in succession or in random order). You can "play in random order" - by pressing the "new game" button a random-numbered hand will load up; choosing the "play in succession" mode loads up the numerically successive hand. By setting the "only hands played by me" mode or "only hands solved by me" mode you will receive hands in numeric succession or randomly, but in said respective mode. Also you may enter the hand number in the "enter hand number" bar and select the hand difficulty level.

All hands — a list of all hands of the game with an option to view the statistics on each of them and to sort under several parameters.

All hands

History — allows you to see the entire history of all games played by you, to view statistics and your position in the overall rating according to the number of the solved hands (only for registered users).


About the hand — upon pressing this button the following will appear:

Comment — allows you to leave a comment and/or add the hand to your favorites (only for registered users).

Rating — rating of the players initially arranged according to the number of the solved hands.


Rank — displays players’ position in overall rating.

Date — column refers to the player’s registration date for a particular game.

Solved — how many hands was solved for today (green numbers with the plus show how many hands you tried to solve from 5 a.m. UTC of the previous day till 5 a.m. UTC of the current day).

Total — column shows how many hands you have tried to solve for today (green numbers with the plus show how many hands you tried to solve from 5 a.m. UTC of the previous day till 5 a.m. UTC of the current day).

Percentage — refers to the correlation of the number of the hands you solved to the number of the hands you have attempted to solve.

1st places — displays the number of first places according to the time spent to solve hands.

When you press one of the columns, the order of players may change depending on results.

Sign in / Profile — an option to enter personal profile, sign in or register.

My profile

Inside your profile you can fill out some additional personal information, upload a photo, as well as store and maintain messaging with other registered players.


You can play without registration as a guest. After having registered and/or authorized you will be able to manage your profile and send messages to other players.

To register, you have to enter your user name (at least 3 symbols) and password (not less than 5 symbols). If such a name already exists you will have to enter another one.

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